Routine Peau Saine avec le Yaourt

Yogurt is actually fermented milk produced by bacteria;
however, this does not mean that irregular milk can be
taken as yoghurt. You must be familiar, because it is a
famous food in all cultures, be it European,
American or Asian. In ancient India, it was called
yoghurt mixed with honey, “the food of the gods”.

Not only that it is famous for its taste, but also for
its incredible health benefits and
skin protection . However, its provenance remains unknown, but it seems to
be made in Mesopotamia for the first time in 5000

Skin type
Oily skin : Yogurt is good for oily skin because it is
acidic and can manage oily skin.

Dry Skin: Yogurt is a natural moisturizer and is therefore
good for dry skin.

Normal skin : Yogurt is best for
normal skin and gives better effects.
Note: It is not best when it is used alone for
sensitive skin as it is acidic and can cause

Its benefits

 Moisturizer
If you have dry skin, there is nothing you could
want more. In addition, it is the same for the types of
oily and neutral skin , it is good and rejuvenates the skin because it has a
moisturizing tendency in moderate amounts. In addition, it renders
the elasticity of the skin and its shine.

 Removes wrinkles
You can say that it is anti-aging because it relieves wrinkles and
lines. It contains lactic acid which is an exfoliant. By
removing the first layer comprising dead cells,
it gives way to fresh, glowing skin and
thus prevents wrinkles from appearing.

• Acne Treatments
C is one of the best homemade remedies for treating acne.
You can get rid of these depressing buttons by
using regular yogurt.

 Removes pigments
It also helps eliminate pigmentation and blemishes
left by acne that usually takes a long time
to go away.

 Reduces dark circles
Your genes and sleepless nights are the causes of your
dark circles. But in both cases, yoghurt can reduce them.

Traditional use

Les anciens Grecs étaient très friands de la beauté physique et
étaient donc très concentrés à le maintenir. Ils ont utilisé
plusieurs des objets naturels pour améliorer et compléter leur
beauté dont une est le yaourt. Ils ont utilisé du yaourt pour
apaiser et nourrir leur peau et l'ont considéré comme un
ingrédient miraculeux. Ils l'ont également utilisé pour

traiter lescoups de soleil.


Vous pouvez toujours utiliser du yaourt ordinaire lorsque vous

devez l'utiliser par voie topique


Pour votre recette de bricolage au yaourt. Faites ceci


 Prenez 4 cuillère à soupe de yaourt

 1 cuillère à soupe de cacao

 1 cuillère à café de miel

 Mélanger ces ingrédients dans un bol

 Apply this mixture, that is to say a mask on your
face and preferably on your neck as well and leave
for half an hour

 Then rinse with cold water and dry your skin by tapping

 Do not rub it because your skin will be soft and could
cause rashes It
was one of my knowledge about yogurt. Share
your thoughts on yogurt uses in comments.
Have you ever used yogurt for your diet?


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