Recettes simples et naturelles pour la peau des pieds

Simple and natural recipes for the skin of the feet -
Simple and natural recipes for the skin of the feet –

Since I discovered them, I no longer go to the pharmacy to try desperately to find a solution at my feet. Moreover, I always found these trips too expensive and not accessible to everyone. In short, all you need to have baby’s feet may be in the kitchen.  I wanted to share with you 3 simple recipes that will allow you to soften your feet in just a few weeks.

Salt and vinegar: for a purifying bath

I felt bad foot , I had a lot of trouble getting rid of the smell of foot. Recently, I discovered the virtues of salt, associated with vinegar and which helps to soften the feet. If you have spent the winter coating your calf moisturizer without ever going to the feet, there is no point in throwing you on the grater on foot. It will never do the trick.

First, take the time to give yourself a foot bath with salt and vinegar . The goal is to soften the skin before using the grater on foot. For this, use warm water in which you add a pinch of salt and one or two glasses of organic cider vinegar. For the duration of the dip, I advise you not to exceed fifteen minutes.

Olive oil and salt: for more flexibility

With this recipe, all I want to tell you is that it is useless to take out the big artillery when you want to soften your feet . J ‘ I used to use olive oil for my face masks and this time I will not hesitate to use it when it comes to feet. After all, it’s to soften the skin.

For the preparation, just have 2 tablespoons of olive oil that you will mix with a pinch of salt. The only risk you will run is that you may notice, “you smell Greek salad”. I am often told, but considering the result I was able to get, I am proud to smell the Greek salad.

Simple and natural recipes for the skin of the feet -
Simple and natural recipes for the skin of the feet –

Lemon and bicarbonate: to prevent yellow and brittle nails

Taking care of the feet is not limited to the skin, but also takes into account the nails. With salt and bicarbonate, it is possible to offer them a care adapted to restore their softness and whiteness.

For the preparation, I only need 2 tablespoons of baking soda that I will mix with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. I then introduce my nails for 5 minutes before rinsing and drying them thoroughly. The result is simply miraculous.

Do you have other recipes for your feet? You can share them with the community.



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