Quelles sont les 5 epices a garder dans ma cuisine?


Today, on OiB, I will tell you the spices you should
keep there. The kitchen for every woman is a sacred sanctuary
where she spends the day. The spices come with
medicinal values and it is not surprising to find that they
were commonly used in ancient times, to
cure health problems like colds, fever,
sore throats. stomach and acne.
Here are five essential nature spices in your kitchen:


Turmeric is an Indian product and is part of the kitchen
India for thousands of & # 39; years. It has several
properties like fat reduction,
bloodpurificationand healing of wounds and bruises. It must be added to
boiled milk, curry dishes and vegetables.

The asafetida comes in granular form and you can
use a pinch. This can be used in water, broth
and ghee when cooking. It mainly helps to reduce
the problems of indigestion, in case of satiety and heavy gases
after eating.

Cumin is another popular ingredient that helps a lot
in digestion. It helps eliminate pain in the abdomen, and
removes heaviness in the stomach. It can be added to soup,
rice and lentils.


Coriander Coriander
leaves are excellent spices to use in
cooking. It is used as a garnish. They are
usually in the form of seeds or soil. It helps
tremendously to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion, headaches
and muscle soreness.
You will want to add some while cooking in
curry, vegetable fries and lentils.

Ginger is a very versatile food ingredient. It
can be used to cure fever, colds, coughs and
indigestion. Its benefits are numerous. In addition to this, it
also improves blood circulation and reduces
inflammation. You can add it to your food
as a spice or as a dry powder.
When added to soups or vegetable curry, it improves the
flavor. You can prepare as many dishes using these
All of the above is enough to explain why you
should use organic products. They not
onlyprovide you withthe best care for your hair, but do not
contain no harmful chemicals. This is one of the
main reasons why I always use
hair products made from natural ingredients. This has helped me
to have the hair of my dreams.
Do you want to become like me and have
healthy and good health care ? The choice is always yours my dear ones.


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