Welcome to OiB. Today, I am going to teach you something very special
and that I wear in my heart. That’s because it saved me from a lot of pimples and
embarrassments. Well, buttons can be extremely boring because they
always come out during inappropriate times.

Maybe you had an appointment and, while getting ready in the evening, you
noticed pimples everywhere. Do you remember? What a pity? Well, this will not
happen again, with the help of organic tangerine oil. Yes it is true.

Tangerine is a product with citrus odor and has been discovered in China. The
Chinese have used it extensively to prepare medicines and health products. The
tangerine is also called Mandarin and can be manufactured in base oils
plant and beautifully scented perfumes.

The ultimate beauty of the product is that it can easily correct imbalances in the
body. The main use of mandarin is to protect your skin. This is because it
is a powerful antiseptic and can immediately kill bacteria.

It is ideal for pimples and acnes. Those of you with oily skin do
not need to be upset because it is toxic photo that makes your skin shine. You
may not be able to consider using it when you go out in the sun. It
also helps in blood purification. Toxins in the blood are

Tangerine oils also eliminate kidney stones or gallbladder.
Pregnant women, sorry, you must avoid them or consult your doctor before
using it.

Some fresh or dried leaves
Small amount of oil

Step 1
Add the desired leaves to a jar. The leaves are mixed with the oil with a
gentle fire. Once it is finished, you must place the ingredients in a pot
near a window for 12 hours for the infusion process to be completed.

2nd step

The next step involves collecting the oil. The leaves should be heated and
you will notice that it becomes slightly oily. When the steam passes through the
leaves, it transports the oils that then condense into another container.
When cooking, always check the temperature to ensure that
the sheets are not overheated. Believe me, the oil is just intoxicating. The smell itself is enough to
really get into a spell.
So, are you ready to try this simple DIY and develop better
skin care ?


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