3 techniques naturelles pour retirer les grains de milium autour des yeux


Do you know the grains of milium  ? If you are reading the article I presume you are, and you would like to know how to get rid of it. Indeed, it is possible to remove the grains of milium around the eyes. I will show you three (3) easy and effective methods to remove these grains not at all pretty to see nor pleasant to wear.

 What is milium grain?

The grains of milium are a kind of whitish cysts, or yellowish, rather hard and resembling white pimples. In fact, these are dead cells called corneocytes that are agglutinated under the skin. At a time of my life, I ‘ have been several around the eyes. It was really ugly and unsightly. J ‘ I decided to deploy the necessary means to remove them and thus I’ have found simple ways and super effective that can get rid of milia grain .


 How to remove the grains of milium?

To remove the grains of milium and always seem to your advantage, let me give you these three (3) natural techniques. Believe me , the satisfaction will undoubtedly be at the rendezvous.


  • Rinse your face

Always clean your face thoroughly if you want to get rid of the grains of milium . You will agree with me that when the skin is always clean and well cleaned, it becomes easy to get rid of impurities. I invite you to use steam or a warm washcloth to “open” the pores and facilitate the disappearance of these small visible cysts.


  • Make masks and scrubs

Another very effective technique to remove the grains of milium around the eyes and that I strongly suggest is the scrubs. You must always exfoliate the parties involved. You can opt for the scrub made of acai powder and vegetable oils. You also have the opportunity to make a mask of organic honey that you will leave about twenty minutes. This will make the skin softer and will also help remove the seeds. A mixture of 3 teaspoons of corn and a teaspoon of cider vinegar will also remove them. Just drop it for half an hour and then rinse with cold water. The pores will be tightened and excess sebum removed.


  • Use tea tree essential oil

This technique is very used. A situation quite understandable when taking into account its effectiveness. It is enough to apply it with a cotton on the grain of milium each evening, after having removed your make-up. I warn you however, always use an oil diluted enough not to burn you. A 15% dosage would be ideal.


Revenez- me soon to tell me where you have different methods adopted and the time it was enough to remedy your problem. I am always available to know your impressions and your remarks, do not forget to share them!



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